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13 September 2010 @ 02:10 pm
Gunmetal (no actual spoiler-spoilers, but I do voice my reaction.)  
I am ridiculously behind on comics. Ex Machina has ended and I only just now got around to reading it.

Gah. That is pretty much all I've got for the minute, because I haven't re-read the first couple of issues in ages and would hate to comment until I've seen how everything actually came together in the end. But. Gah.

It's not even that it made me sad (which it did) but it's just so bleak. I have yet to decide if this is even better/worse than the ending of Y the last man.

That is to say, I am liking Brian K. Vaughan's work more and more.

In other comic related news (that really really aren't).

You, person. Go read The Five Fists of Science. It's about Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain fighting cosmic horrors (and Thomas Edison, mind) with a giant robot. Y'know, for world peace. And for SCIENCE.